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Unruh 418 reviewed some epidemiological studies and concluded that most studies describe a higher prevalence of abdominal pain for women Several Recent population-based studies of abdominal muscle hurt of unknown etiology generally subscribe augmented prevalence among females For example information from the game android sex Netherlands indicated point-prevalence was higher for women than men 315 whereas No sex remainder emerged in A Spanish study 60 Gerdle 157 and Bassols 24 reported higher female preponderance crossways longer clock periods and United States estimates suggest higher preponderance of prolonged ab hurt among females 179

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Sentimental Avatars: Gender Identification and Vehicles of Selfhood in Popular Media From Nineteenth-Century Novels to Modern Video Games - Lisa game android sex Mendelman, Rabindra A. Ratan, Joseph Fordham, Megan Knittel, Oskar Milik,

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